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Un MUPI que logra integrar la tecnología más actual en una pieza resistente y funcional. Ofrece las ventajas de una señalética activa que complementa las funciones de distintos sistemas de transporte o la alternativa de proyectar pautas publicitarias, tanto impresas como en video a través del montaje de una pantalla.
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General measures​

Finishes Galvanizado en Frio y Pintura Poliéster
Measures 210 cm x 90 cm x 16 cm
Manufacturing Acero al carbón, cristal templado
Author Tramite en proceso- Expediente MX/f/2020/002357
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The basic material used for the manufacture of most product components is grade 11373 (S235JR) or better grade steel. The tolerances comply with the ISO 2768-1 «m» standard, quality of imperfections according to the EN 25817 «C» standard.

Most of steel parts are processed as follows:

    CNC laser cutting

    CNC bending

    Galvanizing - different methods

    Degreasing by washing at 80oC–iron phosphating (anti-corrosion protection)

    Achromatic passivation (cleaning with distilled water)

    Drying at a temperature of 190oC for 10-20 minutes

    Electrostatic powder coating application​
metallic finishes

All our products go through a series of processes according to the type of material and use, in order to provide the highest possible quality and durability; The combination of these processes is a particular art achieved in years of experience, which only the right technology and raw material allow.

The finishing method is according to the model and part of the product:

hot dip galvanized


Zinc Paint​

Continuous galvanized


Polyester paint

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