Bike rack 006

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Bike rack 006
El ciclopuerto 006 es un producto muy robusto que por sus dimensión y sus elementos nos permite asegurar tanto el marco de la bicicleta como ambas llantas. Este producto es apto para una capacidad de 2 bicicletas.
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General measures​

Type Capacidad 2 Bicis o Capacidad 2 Bicis con Seña
Finishes Galvanizado caliente, opcional pintura poliéster
Measures 70 cm x 20 cm x 82 cm
Color Galvanizado
Manufacturing Tubular acero al carbón 2"
Author Registro Diseño Industrial No. 38725
Bike rack 006



The basic material used for the manufacture of most product components is grade 11373 (S235JR) or better grade steel. The tolerances comply with the ISO 2768-1 «m» standard, quality of imperfections according to the EN 25817 «C» standard.

Most of steel parts are processed as follows:

    CNC laser cutting

    CNC bending

    Galvanizing - different methods

    Degreasing by washing at 80oC–iron phosphating (anti-corrosion protection)

    Achromatic passivation (cleaning with distilled water)

    Drying at a temperature of 190oC for 10-20 minutes

    Electrostatic powder coating application​
metallic finishes

All our products go through a series of processes according to the type of material and use, in order to provide the highest possible quality and durability; The combination of these processes is a particular art achieved in years of experience, which only the right technology and raw material allow.

The finishing method is according to the model and part of the product:

  • hot dip galvanized
  • Metallization
  • Zinc Paint​
  • Continuous galvanized
  • Electro-galvanized
  • Polyester paint