Bike rack 009

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Bike rack 009
The bike rack 011 has two models: one that allows it to be fixed with a plug to the floor and has a capacity of 4 bicycles, and another version that is embedded in the floor and has a capacity of two bicycles.
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General measures​

Color Cast Aluminum o Black
Type Capacity 2 bikes o Detachable
Finishes natural aluminum
Dimensions 90 cm x 30 cm x 12 cm
Manufacturing Cast aluminum and vulcanized rubber
Author Industrial design No. 52583 In compliance with the provisions of article 409 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property, it is stated and made public knowledge that the product and designs reproduced below are protected before the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property with registration number 52583 INDUSTRIAL PARKING MODEL FOR BICYCLES, whose owner is RODRIGO VÁZQUEZ ORTEGA; rights that are in force and having all their legal effects.
Bike rack 009