Seat 010

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Seat 010
El BKT-AS-010 es un asiento esbelto de concreto polimérico, destaca su forma simple y curvas sutiles. El diseño de este asiento le permite mimetizarse con prácticamente cualquier entorno, haciendo más interesante la experiencia de la interacción social en espacio público.
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General measures​

Color Blanco o Gris BKT 3 o Verde o Turquesa o Azul
Dimensions Grande o Chico
Finishes Terminado liso
Measures 60 cm/120 cm x 44 cm x 44 cm
Manufacturing Concreto polimérico
Author Registro de diseño industrial ante el IMPI:MX/f/2018/002155
Seat 010

Polymer Concrete

Polymeric concrete is a material made with different mineral aggregates (sand, gravel, gravel, quartz, marble) bound by a synthetic resin and reinforced with fiberglass, which makes it an extremely resistant and lightweight material compared to concrete. conventional.

Technical specifications.

    High compressive strength (Average 800 kg/cm2)

    Modulus of Rupture (Average 247 kg/cm2) ASTM C-78

    Water absorption (Average 0.136%)

    Does not conduct electricity "Dielectric"

    Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion by contact with solvents, fuels and oils, etc.


Cleaning: Water with some diluted detergent or degreaser, which does not contain abrasive materials, can be helped by using medium-hard plastic brushes (avoid metal ones, sandpaper or abrasive discs). It is also possible to use solvents.

Coatings: Application of paste and/or paint to rehabilitate the benches due to deterioration derived from the conditions of exposure to the environment and service to which they are subjected. (Contact our sales team

Polished: To revive the color and leave the surface smooth.